Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide support for abused children and to promote public awareness and education on the issues of child abuse. Children are virtually without rights under our current legal system. Every day large numbers of children are deprived of their rights by the very system that was set up to protect (unfortunately it protects the criminals). These children need a voice. We are working to be that voice.

Our Purpose:

-Promote public awareness and education on the issues of child abuse

-Provide weekly support groups for abused children and young adults who were abused as children

-Provide networking and resource referral, correlate with other groups to provide needed services to children and their families

-Provide assistance to clients in navigating the legal system (adult’s roles and responsibilities, resource, and the child’s rights)

-Provide court liaison and advocacy services to children who have been abused

-Provide supervised visitation for children to enable them to have safe and healthy contact with both of their parents

-Provide ongoing services (12 to 18 months) to ensure future protection and aid in the child’s advocacy and support

-Hold those that abuse children accountable for their actions


CHILD Inc is a 501©3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Children’s Rights Organization